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Do yourself a favor and stay away from Red Rock.

Now; here's the details if you really care with the ridiculously mismanaged management

So everything was going well until me along with two other people were in a hand (after they got me out of the hand), they were speaking in a different language & were showing each other their hands. After it was over I asked what they showed and he said don't worry about it. This set me off. Then, another player stuck up for me. Things were getting loud at this point, and got attention of a player at another table. The player at the other table stated that Adam, another poker manager, already gave these two a warning for colluding. Instead of Shawn kicking out the two people that were clearly colluding, he kicks out the first person that defended me. At this point I was cashed out and he just gave me a warning, but HE LEFT THE TWO PEOPLE COLLUDING, showing each other cards and speaking another language stay. Completely @#$%, can not describe how irritated I am with the situation. Will not be back to red rock and (if management reads these). FIRE THE F*** OUT OF SHAWN, if I could give -10/5 to "management" that would be a more accurate rating.

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