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AKQJ10 wrote a review about Red Rock in Las Vegas, NV

Watch out for the STAFF

Room is run down, old uncomfortable chairs, trash everywhere, staff leaves side table full of half eaten food and drink, felt is worn out, and stained. About 6 new chairs in the whole room, and locals fight over them. Not a good vibe. I made money in the room, it just was not a positive experience. Too much pain for little gain, LARGEST RAKE.

Experienced, old players, playing for jackpots, flash folding each other. Playing as teams. Very few inexperienced players. Rare to find a fish, a room of Rocks. Walkers, wheel chairs, oxygen tanks, canes. It is like an assisted living poker room. Average player age is near dead.

Dealer error happens about every five minutes. Pushing pots to wrong players, zoning out, not reaching the betting line. Making verbal statements to change the action, declaring flops. Not able to read the board, fumbling cards. One benefit is you can get free information from the dealer errors. Some dealers flash your cards if you are not a local, as they deal them high up in the air and at an angle so your opponents can see you cards. Not professionally trained dealers. Wrong change to non locals, giving free rides to locals on turn and river. Some dealers are so slow in dealing it is painful to watch, others try to be fast and are sloppy, cards bouncing everywhere. I did not see a single dealer with out error or deficiency. Not an enjoyable experience at Red Rock.

Some are good and some are real bad.

Not managed at all, each floor manager is inexperienced and not trained on the various poker games. They are inconsistent on their floor calls. It is a coin toss when you call the floor over. Not friendly management.The are not very bright and over confident for their abilities. Customer service is terrible. They can not even fun the front desk right, I saw many upset players. Upset with the management, and staff.

Though the promotions are big, the Rake kills you at $5 on a 2-4, 1-2 table makes it a house game. With all the Rocks at the table and the rake, you need to hit big and fast and run. Time will deplete any stack. At just a dollar an hour in comps it is not worth it, for all the pain and aggravation. Though it is the busiest station poker room, it at the bottom of many professionals. Or anyone that wants to make money playing poker.

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OJPOKER wrote a review about Red Rock in Las Vegas, NV


Yeah, sounds like the room isn't the problem. Look inward. Maybe you will see the real problem. I don't play there... Read More