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BrandonWE wrote a review about Saracen in Pine Bluff, AR

B Eubanks

The room is nicely appointed but simple, partition instead of doors fails to separate the dull roar of 1000 slot machines from your game focus. Why call it a poker ROOM if its an alcove

4 tables wouldn't be so bad, but during covid with 6 players per table and 7 waiting some for as much as 2 hours on Sunday 2/1/21 the floor never opened 2nd table due to "lack of dealers" with someone taking break every 30 minutes, do any of us get a break every 30 minutes ... and yes floor I have sat a box before, for 6 hours. You could have brought in another or changed break schedule to 1hr. to accommodate your players, and increase your hands per hour, take, and dealer tips while serving the people who waited far too long with resources available to you.

Floor manager last Saturday 1/30/21 raised his voice in a rude and depricating manner to a player for a repeated request. I could not hear what the player was being insistant about but he was smiling and his tone was happy as he turned tracking the floor manager in his chair requesting something I was at seat 8 and this player was at seat 2 of table to left we were 6 ft apart and I couldn't hear what he said so he wasn't loud. The floor manager spun on heal raised his voice and condecendingly yelled that he was taking care of it and would remove the player if he continued. I'm sure this was filmed, the entire room was shocked that he reacted so agressively and dealers made apologizes under thier breath while floor stomped around red faced. In a new venue with dealers that were some expert and professional and all cordial even if a little inexperienced, turning on heal and yelling in a grown mans face in an entertainment environment where alcohol is consumed and irritating requests are all part of the hospitality this floor manager was in my opinion way out of line to yell and out of bounds for threatening to eject the player, and should have been removed himself for turning in a threatening manner toward a customer of the facility in this situation or any situation where a customer is too quiet to be heard 6 ft away, and seated in his chair. Floor manager should be taken to stress management training and hospitality review. I inquired and was told he had been in casino work for years. All dealers agreed he was out of line

The dealers were great across the board socially and while one or two were rusty or new most were excellent drinks were easily attainable by the many waitresses that visited our alcove

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  • Thank you for taking the time to write a review. We do our best to offer a welcoming, safe environment for customers to play poker and unfortunately sometimes we fail to meet that standard as it sounds like we did here. We do apologize for the negative experience with our floor supervisor and that issue was handled promptly by management.

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