Seven Mile Casino formerly Village Club Card Room

Poker Tables:
9 Tables
Open Now (All Day)
Minimum Age:
All Day
All Day
All Day
All Day
All Day
All Day
All Day
arpit11293 wrote a review about Seven Mile Casino in Chula Vista, CA

Extremely poor management

The management and dealers are really bad. They don't even accept a mistake they've made at the tables. I had a hand where I was supposed to double up and I notice after the hand that I've gotten about 150 dollars less. I asked the dealer and he refused to accept his mistake. I called for the floor and they refused to accept their mistake or even look at the camera footage. Everyone at the table knew the betting and what had happened but the floor and dealer were so adamant at not accepting their mistake, they were giving excuses to not look at the camera (which I'm guessing might not even have been working which is why they were giving excuses).

Want to give 0 for management but can't.

The food was pretty good though.

Food and Drink

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DQWes wrote a review about Seven Mile Casino in Chula Vista, CA


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