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hunterpaulcall wrote a review about Seven Mile Casino in Chula Vista, CA

Poor management, sketchy floor rulings

I was a regular at Seven Mile and played well over 100 hours a month. Spending that much time in there I became close with the staff and treated everyone from the floor to chip runners with the utmost respect. I got into a hand with a player who had several big chips deceptively hidden, I went to put said player all in thinking he had 80$ remaining, he then revealed he had 500$ in blacks and greens hidden beneath red chips and behind his hand. I called the floor and after reviewing the footage ruled that "because they had been like that for 50 mins, it was my fault I wasn't aware of them". There are so many issues with that from improper training of dealers, to rewarding players for intentionally deceptive behavior that in many casinos would be labeled as cheating, but I'm not here to get into that. Following the incident I was reasonably upset and did raise my voice but never did anything that was out of hand or extremely abrasive, then I asked for racks and left. I came to play the following day and they banned me for 30 days. So I not only got cheated but then punished for arguing against it. I'm extremely disappointed that a staff I showed the ultimate respect to handled the incident in such a poor manner. This isn't the only instance of unhandled cheating in the card room. It is well known that the PLO games have tons of collusion, certain players of higher class are given seats they are not on the list for as soon as they show up, and dealers aren't even allowed to call out string bets. The place has serious management issues and they will not protect you if you're cheated in any way. It essentially just a house game with rake at this point. Save your money and protect yourself, go to Oceans 11.

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DQWes wrote a review about Seven Mile Casino in Chula Vista, CA


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