bleka wrote a review about Spirit Mountain in Grand Ronde, OR

Upgrades needed- but still a good place to play

Spirit Mountain poker room will always be a favorite of mine because that’s where I learned to play. I still enjoy going there. It’s situated in the largest casino in Oregon. However, because of all the poker houses opening up around the state, especially in Portland, it doesn’t draw the same large crowds it used to. The other reason for decline- SM unwillingness to evolve. Around five years ago – during the height of poker- this was the place to play. Not only was the game very popular- but a lot of cities in the state didn’t offer much as far as organized poker games. But now they do. In fact, just over the last couple years poker has exploded in Portland and the houses there offer some of the best and biggest regular tournaments. Spirit Mountain does offer tournaments- but only offer one or two a day (and none on Sunday!). They tend to focus on cash games. Tournaments tend to be more popular so folks rather stay in their local town rather than travel out of the way. The poker room also has never grown in technology. They still write the wait list on a white board, have outdated TVs with limited channels (so may not get to watch your sports team), and they don’t offer WIFI. So what are the pluses? Good dealers. Most of those guys have been dealing there for a long, long time and are very good at what they do. Several cash games- especially on the weekends. Comps and promotions- hourly comps, bad beat jackpots, and daily promotions. They do offer tableside service for food and drinks but you have to ask for it. They have their own cage for cashing out. They hotel is really nice and you can get a poker rate discount if you ask for it.

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

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