worldtravel588 wrote a review about Spirit Mountain in Grand Ronde, OR

Very nice room, but not a lot of action

This is a nice, clean room with polite and competent staff. There is a free coffee and soft drink station. Food and beverage service is available at the tables, although it is sometimes slow. The chairs are comfortable. The location is on a major highway, and is about 1 to 1 1/2 hours from Portland, and 30-40 minutes from Salem. Traffic is reasonable. The daily tournaments are good, but small except on Friday which can be 5 tables. The only down side is the lack of action. There is rarely a 2-5 NL game except one table on Friday & Saturday starting about noon. This game tends to be very tight. I'm not sure about 2-5 on Sunday. 1-3 NL games are usually available on weekends, and start earlier, sometimes with several tables. The type of action varies. They will take call-ins for the 2-5 list only. Worth a try.

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