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Where do I start ? As if it wasn't bad enough that this poker room has to bring in its own employees to fill in empty seats , they come in with more chips than the rest of the customers could possibly start with even after jumping through all their hoops and buying the max allowed . Several times the "employees" busted out just to come back with more chips than anyone else could possibly rebuy for . And how is it that a player mysteriously leaves the table and the guy that is suppose to be brushing the table comes in and plays with his chips ? I've never seen so many dirty acts at a poker table . Hopefully the owner of this club sees this review and takes action , provided he isn't in on it . There are no cameras overlooking the poker tables so there really is no way to go back and see what they are doing . At one point a customer accused another of stealing $20 dollars he had in his cup holder ! The incident got very loud and the asked the customer to "take it outside" . Again no cameras to see what really happened . Be warned if you have another place to play card

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Star's Poker is a Private Social Club:
$10.00 Membership Fee Daily or $75.00 Monthly
Tournament players $20.00 Membership Fee Daily or $150.00 Monthly, this includes all free-rolls!
Security access fee $10.00 an hour
Open from 4:00 pm to 2:00 am or later
Watch for our $50,000.00 Guaranteed Tournament: Featuring, Satellites,Qualifiers, Main event, $25,000.00 Guaranteed first place coming soon only at Star's Poker Club!
See you soon!

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