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YoTeach1 wrote a review about Stones Gambling Hall in Citrus Heights, CA


Hooray, Stones Gambling Hall is officially open!! The entire property is modern, classy, and swanky. Truly impressive!

Stones has rolled out the welcome mat in a big way with giveaways including: T-shirts, energy drinks, cookies, pot splashes, lion dance, live tribute bands, Harley motorcycle (two total!!), and soon to be Garibaldi artwork! With all the excitement, it is refreshing the welcoming atmosphere from the Lucky Derby has rolled over to the new digs. Interactions with staff is personable/friendly and attentive players (not cold/dismissive/corporate).

Thoughtful and intentional design/decor:
-Incredibly comfortable/quality chairs
-Cushy table rail to lean on
-Large, spacious tables w/individual USB plug-ins
-Tables have plenty of space between for movement of dealers/staff/players, so one feels like they're in a mini-bubble, which is appreciated.
-Overall, the room is on the dim side (a positive design); however, the lighting at the table is good for players (no shadows).
-Two podiums: one for live poker and one in the back for tournaments
-Multiple flat screen TVs
-Restroom and bar within the poker room
-Entire property is non-smoking
-Easy parking/access off freeway

Promotions: 40% off food for seated poker players (Sammy's Restaurant/gourmet food); discounted drinks for seated players (soda, juice, coffee/tea complimentary); high hand bonuses (quads, straight flush, royal, mini bad beat, and bad beat); extra wheel spin .

Tournaments: Hands down, the best structure/starting chip stack/buy-in value in the area! Friday 10am had 64 players; Sunday 11am had 114. Pretty good start!! Also have a Friday pm, which will resume on 7/18. All tournaments offer an added seat of $225 for the last Sunday of the month tournament. If there is discussion to chop, there is a black/red card method used for players to vote, this is appreciated to avoid uncomfortable situations.

Live: 1-2NL; 1-3NL; 2-5NL; Omaha; 3-6 Limit; 4-8 Limit. Will start an interest list, as desired. Limit games are slower to get going.

Congrats and best wishes to Stones!

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