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soup_ wrote a review about Strat in Las Vegas, NV

At least now it's really a "Room"

Very laid back. Just a few TV's. Nice felt on tables. Seat's were avg.

Okay, Here's the deal. I was invited to a tournament by the marketing department. $30,000 price pool, freeroll and the winner got 15k. The night we got there we got a free entry into the 8pm daily tournament. The Strat room only has 6 tables. 116 people signed up so they had a alt list for the first two hours. Players would see a flop out of position if they held any ACE. Very inexperienced players early in the tournament. The final two tables were full of some really experienced players. I made the final table after 4 hours of play. 1st payed $2400 10th $105. I came in 10th. The blinds were 800-1600 with a 500 ante 10 handed. The turn killed me.

The cash games were pretty weak. Full of a lot of "are you on a flush draw sir" kinda guys. Players that @#$% and moan about a bad beat. It was a 1-2nl table(nothing much larger in the room besides 3-6 limit). A ton of attitude, with little skill. Set back and wait so you can rake a good pot. $300 max at the table. Most came in with $200. I played for about a hour making $125.

If you can stomach the WPT wannabee's (even the locals) play here, play tight and cash.

One dealer I hated, 2 I loved, the rest I honestly can't remember. There was a Asian lady I fell in love with.
She remembers everyone. Once guy was going to be leaving for the Mandalay Bay. He came to the Strat from Bellagio. Said he was tired of Management. He also said he worked the WPT and the "Big Game". Cool stories. I think his name was Chis and he was from Cincinnati.

Every 5 minutes the waitress came in. They moved the room, it's now on the southwest wall. The old sports book bar is right outside the door. Maybe it's easier now.

Pretty friendly people. Took charge when a jerk starting cusing out a guy after a bad beat.

Never bothered. The do have a progressive bad beat. $2000 if you lose with A,A,A,10,10.

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