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mbrnkl wrote a review about Strat in Las Vegas, NV

Fun Tourneys; Fun for low-rollers

A much better location than when it was in the sportsbook area. Not cramped at all between tables, adjustable/rolling chairs were fairly comfortable, tables in good shape. Open to the casino, but not too disturbing. Close to restrooms.

Most everyone had varying degrees of experience. I can't say any were at a "pro" level, but most were pretty sharp. In one tourney, there were a couple fairly new players, but they didn't last past the first hour.

I can't recall any major mistakes; maybe 1 misdeal in a week. All were friendly & personable, but did their jobs in a professional manner with respect to the rules. Quickly settled a charge of collusion by a player; 2 other players were speaking in a foreign language & the dealer put a quick end to it.

This one is hard to be impartial. The 2 waitress' I dealt with mostly in the poker room that week, I've known in the Strat for many years, so I already had a high opinion of them. However, the service was pretty quick (at least 3-4 times an hour), accurate, & always with a smile.

I really didn't have that much contact w/ management. They ran the tourneys well with no conflicts. There never was a waiting list for cash games, so I had no problem there. All that I spoke to were nice; one even recalled my name after my second visit that week. One minor issue; on a cash game, the desk manager didn't clock in my players card, but the manager who clocked me out took care of it & backed up my time.

I was already staying on a comp, so I can't say. There is a bad beat, but it's not advertised that well & I don't recall how much is raked for it.

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