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  • The Strat

I thought the room was kind of small, but the appearance was good. This is a relatively new room and it is blocked off from the rest of the casino. You can still hear all of the slots going, but not to annoying.

I sat down with $60 in chips and doubled up my first hand. I ended up winning $525 in a couple hours on my first day. Most of the beats I took were from drunks at the table getting lucky at the river.

Most of them had good personalities and usually made us laugh. Only a couple messed up by flipping over cards or adding up the chips wrong. Since most of them were new dealers, I thought they did a great job. It was cool that they could play too. Sitting next to them, they had great stories to tell of bad beats, players to watch out for, etc.

I thought they were pretty slow, considering the bar is right next to the poker room. They were polite.

Even the managers were playing at the tables with us. They were kind and honest. They did not tolerate players verbally abusing other players and they kept the tournaments running smoothly.

My friend that I went with got a straight flush jackpot for $175. They payout jackpots for any straight flush and 4 of a kind if you are holding 2 of the cards. I seen several jackpot payouts. I was beat by 4 jacks. The guy got $150 off of me and the $450 jackpot.

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