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icpstu wrote a review about Strat in Las Vegas, NV

Great for novices

Small sectioned off area which is fairly average in comparison to some of the other casinos I walked round, its next to the Bar and Sports book, I believe its fairly new. Maybe 6 tables or so with a TV screen in which displayed the tournament info. The tables, had the Strat logo on and had cup holders, the tables were a funky mustard colour. The room was ok for space, with 10 round a table.

I settled on playing the lowest limit which I believe was 2/4 as I have only played online before. The other players at the table weren't brilliant so it made me a little more relaxed and I didn't do too bad. I was quite suprised to hear that most of the players were locals and were tight players, they were friendly though and we shared some good stories. The tourists mostly just threw money away and sat for the free booze.

All appeared to be rookie dealers, didn't make any mistakes but they were hounded a lot by the manager to speed things up and not to stack chips, I kind of felt sorry for them due to the hard time they were getting from management. Professional sort of dealers, didn't talk unless to announce raises, etc or thank you for tips.

Seemed to get lots of beer, which I liked! There was one waitress working that area of the casino that I could make out. The second night I played the waitress was very hot, she was fast, friendly and kept the booze coming.

I believe the manager for the shift was called Bob and he was quite a character. Seemed to know most of the people in the room, kept his dealers in line and the room in order. Was a friendly guy to the players though and sat down when the table got short handed, took a few dollars off him as well.

I believe there was a clock card for those wanting comps, but I didn't bother asking.

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