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DealMeIn wrote a review about Sunset Station in Henderson, NV

Decent Off-Strip Room

Spent some time playing at Sunset. There was a football promo so a few of us went over and hung out.

First, bring a seat cushion. What was probably the worst part of being there was the chairs were in BAD shape. Hard to want to stay playing poker when you aren't comfortable.

As for playing itself, there were some surprisingly good players there. Fortunately there were enough bad ones to pick up extra cash otherwise it could have been a tough night. Dealers generally did a nice job too other than a couple of small mistakes.

The management staff did a great job keeping things under control. Especially when we went, there was a lot of drinking. But when someone got out of hand there were taken care of quickly. Nice to see a group of employees doing what needs to be done to keep what could have gotten to be a bad situation under control.

Dealers were eh. Nothing to spectacular. Could have made things go a little quicker.

It'll do for a day or two of fun. I'd want to play in a little more serious games but for a recreational player you'll be alright going there.

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