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mauihaole wrote a review about Sunset Station in Henderson, NV

Friendly and very beatable

There is nothing special or bad about this room. Its pretty comfortable, however average in most areas.

The players here are mostly local, but very beatable. They play a pretty straight foward style with most of them being weak-passive. You can figure out the solid ones in 15 minutes and then pick apart the others. I've played about 8-10 sessions here with only one losing session.

The only thing keeping this from being a 5 is that many of the dealers are sloppy in how they lay out the board, spreading of the pot, etc. Aside from that, they are very friendly and don't make many mistakes

I never order alcoholic drinks, so I can't speak on quality there. However the orders came fast and it seemed like they were coming around every 10-15 minutes. You'll never be thirsty in this room. And I was very surprised that they had some attractive waitresses at this room.

Management was always very friendly whenever I went in. They are very personable and get you seated as fast as possible.

$1 per hour comps, BBJ, Progressive high hands, and qualifying for a freeroll tourney. There are lots of extras when you play at Stations.

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