ChicagoSteve wrote a review about The D in Las Vegas, NV

A place to make money

Not really a room, but an area. It was roomy enough and comfortable. TVs were easily to see, chairs were good enough. Being open to the casino added to the good vibe without being intrusive.

1/2 no limit - tripled up my $100 buy in in under an hour, and this was my 3rd time playing poker in a casino - My FIRST NLHE experience! And I wasn't getting monster hands.

Kept the game flowing and managed the players well. No mistakes. Corrected players who bet or acted incorrectly.

I wasn't really concentrating on the CW. One round during the hour that I played. She brought the right drink and it was fine.

Management was fine. As I walked in and asked, he told what game was going (1/2 NLHE) and the buy in spread ($50-$200). Gave me my chips and cashed me out in quickly.

Didn't see any jackpots posted. Didn't check into comps, so average I guess.

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