TheCaptain wrote a review about The D in Las Vegas, NV

One-table live action w/ tourneys

It's not a poker room, it's a cordoned off area upstairs on the 2nd floor of the casino. This is its biggest problem. They do announcements over the intercom but the lack of walk-by traffic is a significant issue. The felt is fine, they even had automatic shufflers that worked. The dealers were adequate but I did see some mistakes. The players were predictably bad.

Downtown means budget tourists who routinely buy in for fifty and a hundred bucks (their table max is 200) and don't mind losing it. Yeah, it's not really poker and there is a lot of short stack play, but if you're patient you'll get your money in good.

They could be more authoritative but I understand they don't want to alienate newcomers. That said, they did at least try to explain to people that if you don't have a hand you can't talk or that even if you do have a hand you can't talk in multi-way pots. A few misdeals.

They were actually pretty quick given the corner location and the mixed drinks were not weak and watered down like at most casinos.

They tried to promote the room and they announced the tourney a lot. The structure seemed mediocre, something like a fifty dollar buy in with a twenty dollar rebuy and twenty dollar add on. So basically 90 bucks for 2500 in chips and 20 minute rounds.

They had a bad beat jackpot, one dollar drop adn management said they would comp you a seven-dollar meal at the cafe if you had a card and played there a significany amount of time, probably 4-6 hours at their discretion.

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

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