The Linq Hotel & Casino formerly The Quad / Imperial Palace

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Dr Bob wrote a review about The Linq in Las Vegas, NV

Cute girlie-poo

The poker room is adjacent to the flow of traffic and near the front of the casino. The feeling is out in the open and very much part of the hubbub of the casino floor. The walls are more virtual than real, with no real isolation from the other side. So, if you want to listen to slot machines while watching "Dealertainers" (Barbara Streisand and Michael Jackson impersonators), cute girls walking by, or crowds of hopefuls forming for IP promos, this room will work for you. If you want a dedicated room away from the mainstream to relax and just play poker, check out the Venetian.

I came into the room at about 3pm on a Friday afternoon and they were just opening a second table for 1/2NL. I played for about 6 hours (on a Friday afternoon/evening), and they had trouble seating three tables.

The tables were about the biggest I've played at. The felt was new with a cute girlie-poo (more later) embossed as an emblem. they had a good size and feel, but I always like a commitment line. These table didn't have the line.

I was looking for an easy table, but maybe came at the wrong time. Two guys at the table had just busted out of the WSOP main event. Another guy had won an entry in the main event through Everest Poker, but had decided not to play. I held my own, but this wasn't what I expected when I sat down.

Overall, I thought the dealers were very good. One (Michael, maybe?) was exceptional, with an engaging personality and good control of the table. Others were average to good. During my time at there, I didn't see any incidents were I felt like the play was out of control or where I thought a dealer had blown a situation.

Overall the service was at best mediocre. The cute girlie-poo embossed on the tables was actually one of the wait-staff. She actually was cute and attractive in the photo. As wait-staff on the other hand...she didn't seem like she wanted to be bothered.

With a different waitress, others at the table asked about ordering sandwiches. They got a curt answer that she didn't take sandwich orders. is there some reason you can't give the table a hint how to place an order?

Overall, I found the service inconsistent and the waitresses not at all friendly.

Given a very mediocre room and trouble attracting players, I thought the management was accomodating and did what they could to welcome players.

I didn't see this come into play, but the bonuses looked decent.

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