The Linq Hotel & Casino formerly The Quad / Imperial Palace

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photoc wrote a review about The Linq in Las Vegas, NV

One of the worst

Roped off section on the second floor. 10 tables all in sub par condition. The felt is so slippery that a player mucks their hand and they slide all the way accross. The rails are even with most of the tables so cards go off quite often. The lighting is terrible.

ESPN really shows it's effect here. I had to call a clock on a player after they attempted to fold 4 times and kept pulling back their cards in a NL game. They all think they're on TV and it takes forever to play a hand.

This place has some of the WORST dealers I've ever seen. They were allowing players to keep their cards behing their chips, string bets/raises, not calling the game and so on. HOWEVER...there is one bright spot. A dealer named Matt is one of the better dealers I've seen in this town. He's early 20's, no flash or flare to it, just very solid and smooth dealer. I asked him why he was there and he said for the experience and he gets asked that a lot.

2.5 hours in the room and the only server I saw said "I'm not taking orders right now".

I didn't deal with them much except for buying into a NL game. I wanted 80 red and 20 gray ($1) and they said I couldn't have them! There were too many gray on the table and you don't need them in 1/2 NL. I was beside myself. 15 minutes after I sat down, the dealer had to ask for a fill of gray because there we hardly any left. The list is on paper, old but effective. They handled my request for a clock well except the guy waited for the second hand to reach 12 before it would start! I guess 60 seconds from the 6 on a clock isn't correct procedure, lol.

The only plus of this room. Cookies and sandwiches were out on a table, however they were rock hard by the time I got there. $3/hour in comps can't be beat though. I saw something about high hands, but honestly, those just eat more from the pots with an additional jackpot drop/rake.

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