The Linq Hotel & Casino formerly The Quad / Imperial Palace

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joebrazil3 wrote a review about The Linq in Las Vegas, NV

Weird room at a weird casino, good comp

It's not enclosed and frankly it's noisy. The casino it's parked next to could use a major make-over. It's not the worst room I've seen on the strip, but it's close.

Call stations deluxe! More than the usual share of tourists. I haven't lost here ever, after eight sessions, and the play here is so soft that I was able to take a friend of mine who'd never played before and train him here. Oh, and he didn't lose either.

I don't really notice dealers other than that they're friendly. The dealers here were. Oh, yeah, once they almost blew a pot for me, not noticing my straight. So "below average" is justified.

You'll partake of the serivce but you won't be amazed. I do appreciate the coffee and water left for players.

They manage their waiting lists well and there's always someone by the entrance to greet you.

Two dollars per hour is very nice for the player who wants to eat on their play for a vacation. As to spending that comp, the meals at the burger bar (2d floor), the pizza place (3rd floor) and Betty's are priced well. If you get a high hand you will get a dinner/show package. I've never tried the buffet but have heard it's horrible; if you win a buffet comp, stick to the basics. Really, if you're happy with coffee shop food just play here eight hours a day and you'll feed yourself. That's not easy to do on the strip.

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