The Linq Hotel & Casino formerly The Quad / Imperial Palace

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5 Tables
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worm wrote a review about The Linq in Las Vegas, NV

Wouldn't have expected, but my favorite place to play

The room is nothing to look at. In fact, the atmosphere is downright awful. The only thing I do like are the tables which are new and quite spacious.

Of all the bad players in Vegas, I think these are the worst.

I've seen some pretty bad dealers there, but I'm giving them a 4 cause it's all part of the sketchiness of the IP. You just have to chuckle and go with it and have a great time. A number of tables have the auto-shufflers, so they can be quick too. Very friendly.

Once you get on a "cocktail rush" the drinks come very quickly. The last time I was there, my buddy had 18 beers over the course of probably 4 hours.

Nothing flashy, but everything that needs to happen does. The room isn't crowded, so it doesn't matter that everything's real casual. The management doesn't wear suits, but I find that with so many places, the suits just means attitude...and you don't get any attitude here.

The best I've found of any game in Vegas. You get $3 every hour. My buddy and I usually stay at the IP with one of their players packages. This starts you off with $25 in comps. And if we each put in 15 hours at the tables over a weekend, that's a total of $115 in comps...which mostly pays for the room. Plus the package comes with two free buffets. Plus if you hit 4 of a kind (which I did) you get 2 more free buffets. The buffet is truly awful, but food. And they have cookies and little sandwiches out all the time. In other words, if you don't eat too well, and play a lot at the IP, you can have a good chance at paying for your trip...and the cards don't even have to run you over.

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