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My husband and I have been playing here for years and enjoy the atmosphere. Lately though I have seen a player that is causing a very tense and unfriendly environment for the dealer's, floor managers, brushes, and player's. This player always makes sure that everyone knows that he is the brother of the vice president of the Silks poker rm and has made threats to player's and staff. I've personally witnessed the following acts from this person. He has turned player's in for being on their phones, but when a dealer asked him to get off his phone he got upset and yelled I'm on the phone with the vice president and refused to get off the phone. He has moved to other tables without a seat change leaving a table short handed and when I contacted the floor about this they told me that was the vice presidents brother and didn't make him return to the table. He has threatened dealers and brushes that he could have them fired if he wanted too. He once told a female brush that he was the only person that could receive a massage from her without being fired. Most recently a player asked to see his cards since he exposed them to another player and he responded by calling the player an a__hole and told that player that he could have him suspended for year. Silks really needs stand up to this guy and put him in his place. He's really causing a bad atmosphere for the players and staff.

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New $150 buy in $5,000 GTD PLO Tournament September 18th @ 6:00 pm

$150 buy in $10,000 GTD September 9th and 30th at 6:00 pm

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