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Daily: 10am-2am
LEADRUNNER wrote a review about The Silks Poker Room in Tampa, FL


I have been playing at the Silks for the past 15 years, and for the past few years have been playing 7 days per week for an average of 7 hours per day. The result of this much playing time is that I have faithfully given the wonderful Staff approx. $26 per day in Gratuities, which includes Dealers, Food & Beverage Gals & Floor Personnel. This is $26 per day times 30 days in a month, which equals $780 per month in Tips, OR $9,360 per year (Nine Thousand Three Hundred Sixty).

HOWEVER, a recent decision by a floor manager (Patrick) has resulted in my decision to hold all further Gratuities for the next year. I'm not going to go into all the details of what occurred (had nothing to do with Poker, but rather a Food & Beverage Issue), and even if I did go into the details, no one with a rational mind would believe he made the decision that he did. Patrick's decision, ESPECIALLY considering the precedence that Management had condoned up to this point, not to mention towards such a faithful, long time Customer was not only a very poor business decision, which was made with more than a tinge of Ego, short sightedness, malice and ignorance, but also was rude and disrespectful, as he told me "if I didn't like it, then I could leave"...And mind you, he yelled this across the floor to a Customer of 15 years, who patronizes the establishment approx. 200 hours per month, and more importantly has NEVER had a cross word with anyone, EVER...

Now, unfortunately for his Staff, I have NO recourse against him, so I've surmised that the only thing I can do is withhold all future Gratuities from his Staff in the hopes that Every Time they DON'T get that Tip that I used to gladly give them (close to Ten Thousand Dollars per year) that they think NOT badly of Me, but RATHER of the Selfish, PETTY, Inconsiderate, IMMATURE and RUDE decision that their leader made, because POOR DECISIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. It is my sincere hope that at least some of the Staff have the maturity and insight to not only understand and comprehend the Principal from which I've made my decision, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY to possess the same maturity and genuine desire to be able to approach Patrick, and let him know how his PETTY DECISION had Negative Consequences for them, so that hopefully in the future such a Trivial, easily handled option does NOT again go so absurdly wrong. Patrick NEEDS to hear this from his Staff, and IF he cares even a bit about you, then perhaps next time he is faced with such an Earth Shattering Executive decision (yes, sarcasm) regarding one of "YOUR" Customers, then maybe, just maybe @#$% make it with an ounce of common sense and humility. Looking forward to the day I can joyfully TIP you ALL again...With Sincere Thought & Consideration...(P.S. Cash, Money Order, Cashiers Check and APOLOGIES ACCEPTED)...

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Featured promotions:
Sunday -
10am - 12pm $250 High Hands(add $149 if a you play a hand before 10:15am)
12pm - 2am Time is Money. The longer you play the more we pay. 4 of a kind or better(pocket pair). Up to $500

Monday -
10am - 12pm $100 every 30 minutes to the highest hand no minimum qualifier
12pm - 8pm $1,000 at the top of the hour $500 on the bottom of the hr.(4 of a kind pocket pair)
8pm - Close $500 every 30 minutes(4 of a kind pocket pair)

Tuesday and Thursday -
10am - 12pm $100 every 30 minutes to the highest hand no minimum qualifier
12pm - 2am Time is Money. The longer you play the more we pay. 4 of a kind or better(pocket pair). Up to $500
12pm - 2am Silky Sets pick your pair and flop a set Win $100

Wednesday -
10am - 12pm $100 every 30 minutes to the highest hand no minimum qualifier
12pm - 2am $400 high hands every 30 minutes. Four of a kind or better(2 cards play)

Friday -
Flop Quads or Better first 2 win $1,000
10am - 7pm $300 High Hand add $299 if you played 15 hours Sun-Thur
7pm - 3am $500 High Hands paid immediately 4 of a kind or better(pocket pair)

Saturday -
12pm - 7pm $300 every 20 min. no minimum qualifier
7pm - 3am $599 every 30 min. 4 of a kind or better(pocket pair)

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Offering 4 types of DPP Games:Ultimate Texas Hold'em, 3 Card Poker, DJ Wild Card Stud and Crazy 4 Poker

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