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aeropanther wrote a review about Tulalip Casino in Marysville, WA

Anemic cash games, OK tournaments

One good thing about Tulalip poker room is that players are friendly to each other, dealers are sociable, and games are casual - most of the time. Players do not collude and dealers uphold the rules.

But that's about it.

On a weekday ( except Wednesdays when they run $750 high hands every 30 min) you will rarely see more than one table of 1/3 NLH running. I don't remember ever seeing a 3/5 game there at all. On a weekend number of 1/3 tables increases to 2, maybe 3, but that will be it. Games are very nitty, much fewer grinders and maniacs than at Fortune ( occasionally those will pop in, too)

Tournaments at Tulalip are known for their appeal to neighboring geriatric care communities and it is not uncommon to see 100+ retirees playing in a $45 buy in Saturday noon event. Young kids come and try to loosen up the game and play LAG style too, and some middle aged Boeing engineers who got permission from their wives to gamble on a weekend show up as well. Player skill level is, generally, very weak ( with some exceptions), which allowed me to get to the final table multiple times and will keep coming - but only for Tournaments.

Conclusion: if paying 33% rake and playing a large field small buy in with unlimited re-entries tournament is your cup of tea - Tulalip is a good choice. For cash games you will be better off driving south to Red Dragon or, for real action, south to Renton to round up Fortune.

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