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I've played for a long time and will never play at this room ever again. Sat to play then immediately told to move, then asked to move again back to the same table.
Got in a decent hand and they short changed me on my chips. The employees then proceeded to stop the hand for something 10 minutes and argued amongst themselves somewhat belligerently about short changing me. During and after the hand 3 or 4 players got up and left and cashed out. Two hands later some drunk guy starts telling the dealer wrong things to do, trying to make us pay two blinds and all kinds of crazy nonsense and the dealer just did what the drunk guy said. After that I had enough and left but not before complaining to the floor. He didn't even muster an apology, not a word. Then the same employee that couldn't make up his mind where I should sit decided to aggressively chase me down and try to start an argument with me as I went to cash out and leave. The gaming commission should just put this place out of its misery.


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