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DPTAZZZ wrote a review about Venetian Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

For my money, it is the Crown Jewel of Vegas Poker rooms.

Ok, I am NOT a " high stakes' player. I play a lot of tourneys in town,and stick to the $1-2/ $2-5 NLH cash games. So if that makes this review skewed somehow, well, just describing my own gaming choices.

I think the Venetian has the very best tournament structures in town. Last time I played, they had a $125, 12k deep stack, and also had a bad beat jackpot with their cash funding it not players money, that was eligible IN THE TOURNEY ! ! That alone, is worth an extra "star' on the rating meter. That is all about the " player" right there, and unique in Vegas ( and anywhere I have played across the country, at least so far ),

Their dealers and floor people are just top notch. I have never had a bad experience there, cash game or tourney. They work hard to keep things smooth, hassle free, and players happy.

I have ordered food at table side, it arrived quickly, was delicious, and while not cheap, was not obscenely priced. Waitresses are among the best, friendliest, and yes, prettiest ( I can say that 'cause its true ) on the Strip.
Action is good, player level/experience is broad, and you can find a table of your liking rather easily.

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June Card of the Month = Sixes

$1,000 awarded to anyone who flops quads or a straight flush utilizing the card of the month in their hand (quads must be a pocket pair and both hole cards must play for a straight flush). $600 awarded if they turn or river quads or a straight flush utilizing the Card of the Month in their hand.

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