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I was playing NL holdem at table where a white guy raised blind preflop and Cbet blind after flop he then looked his cards, when he got callers behind, and guess what? He got pocket AA. This seems interesting. So i asked other players how many times he got AA when he did the blind thing they said he got AA three times. I could understand 1 time, 2 time but 3 time? Really? So fishy. So i decided to get up and moved to another table, hit 2 sets back to back and lost. Funny thing is that another time I was at short table, all of sudden they sent in three new players so when they first sat down and started playing I just didn't feel right so I decided to rack up and left. Guess what? Next time I came back these guys were coming to my table again. So shady. F this poker room. Bs machine bs deck. I will never spend my hard earned money playing here again.

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