Seamoose22 wrote a review about Wizards in Seattle, WA

Come For The Tournaments!

As a tourney player, I always enjoy playing in the added money ones. They almost always represent a better value for your money than "guaranteed" tourneys.

Well, Wizards Casino is the only place locally that adds $500 (!!!) to all of their tourneys. The buy-in is only $35 and I've seen the prize pool reach over $2,000 many times before. For a 4-table tourney, you won't find a payout anywhere. I promise you that!

They also offer $2-$20 spread cash came here. Plenty of good action, especially on the weekends.

Comps for all players -- $9 for live and $5 for tourney. Most menu items are in the $10-$15 range. Both Chinese and American cousins items are found on the menu.

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