SkywayAJ wrote a review about Wizards in Seattle, WA

Poker Tournaments

No more 500 added as of January 18, 2020. Used to be a great place to play poker to play tournaments used to get 60+ people to play tournaments but Charlie the new GM Doesn’t want poker tournaments anymore. Yeah the same lady who bring Starbucks in every day but the customers can’t bring Starbucks in anymore I don’t understand why is the coffee and the casino good enough for the customers but not good enough for the GM. They only started running the morning tournaments for one week before they give up on it they were just starting to pick up three tables again and now they take away the 500? I can’t wait till I go in there in a month and just see the Pitt game dealer staring at each other scratching their @#$% I wonder if Charlie will be there in a month.

They don’t enforce English only rules if you speak Vietnamese that’s OK at the poker table in this room.

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