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Hotel & Casino
Rewards Program
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Comps & Promotions
$1/hr. Weekly freeroll on Fridays, 12 hours of live play to qualify. $6,000 prize pool, top 30 paid. Monthly freeroll: 60 hours to qualify $21K prize pool top 40 paid. Bad Beat Jackpot with table share ($1500 loser, $599 winner $150 each to rest of table.) High Hands: Quads - $50 straight flush - $100 royal flush - $300. Flopped Quads special 6AM-Noon: $500 for flopped quads, $100 for turned quads. CET Play for Buffet Promo: earn 50 tier credits (approximately 3 hours of live play) and get free buffet.

Flamingo Details

Flamingo has one of the most well-established poker rooms in Sin City. Now owned by Caesars Entertainment and located on Las Vegas Boulevard, this social venue offers more than 10 tables of poker. Hold’em is the main game here, as proven by at least five daily no-limit hold’em tournaments that run around the clock. On the cash-game front, limit hold’em and no-limit hold’em are both available at stakes as high as $2-$5 (NL) and $4-$8 (limit).

As the name suggests, The Flamingo poker room does not shy away from pink. Large pink posters advertise the current poker promotions and upcoming events, but the walls are more restrained in their beige and brown colors. The poker action is neatly segregated from the rest of the casino property. Perspex divides allow passing players to check in on the play from the nearby slot machines. At the center of the room is an information desk, where players can buy chips, ask questions, and register for upcoming cash games. A double-backed TV screen is mounted to this wooden structure and displays information about waiting lists and tournaments. Other TV screens around are dotted around the perimeter of the room and relay sports coverage.

Cocktail service, massages, table-side food service, free wireless Internet, and other typical poker-room services are readily available to patrons. Comps are earned at the rate of $1 per hour.