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Hotel & Casino
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$3/hour comps on all limit Hold 'em Games. $2/hour comps on all No Limit Hold'em games. Between 8AM and Noon daily, max rake of $1 on all games. Bad beat jackpot starts at $2,500, Aces full of Jacks beaten by quads. Includes a room share. Graveyard Giveway Drawings at 6am, 7am and 8am start at $100 and progress $100 if no winner claims the prize. Tickets earned starting at 2am. High Hand Pyramid bonus, win between $50 to $3,000 for any high hand (quads or better). NFL promo: Drawings held during Sunday & Thursday night games for prizes of $50 - FG, $100 - TD, $400 - safety. Tickets awarded at the beginning of each quarter, bonus tickets awarded for every hour of live play up to four hours before the start of the game.

Luxor Casino Details

Luxor Las Vegas offers a 9-table poker room to players on Las Vegas Boulevard. As a mid-sized venue, Luxor offers a decent spread of variety in its games. Although all of the room’s daily tournaments are no-limit hold’em, cash games vary between no-limit, spread-limit and limit hold’em.

In an attempt to produce a unique selling point to the saturated market of live poker venues in Las Vegas, The Luxor offers inflated comp rates for players in many of its games. All limit games offer $5.hour comps. All earnings can be traded for the usual selection of tableside options, including food service.Comps can also be banked for use elsewhere in the building.

Luxor also has a full selection of poker-room promotions. NFL lovers can watch the game from the poker room as they play and spice up the action with NFL drawings..

The poker room is adequately sized and features automatic shufflers. The poker room recently moved next to the sports book, with all new felt on the tables..