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Hotel & Casino
Rewards Program
Comps & Promotions
$1/hr.(comps expire after one year.) . Aces Cracked ($75) 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM. High hands (Quads=$100, Straight Flushes=$200, Royals=$500).. Bad Beat Jackpot Loser gets $1,200, winner gets $525, tables share $100. Progressive Flop-it Promo: with Progressive table share. Each 4-of-a-kind and table share starts at $200 and progresses $50 each day. High Hand Bonuses: $50 for Quads, $100 for straight flush, $300 for Royal Flush. Aces/Faces Cracked Promo 9AM - 1PM Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks cracked, player gets $25 for different colors, $50 for same color. Once a hand is hit, that hand is no longer eligible. $8K Freeroll Sunday June 12. 15 hours of live play gets $2500 chips, $100 more chips for every hour played after that.

Monte Carlo Details

Monte Carlo Las Vegas contains a small non-smoking poker room made up of 8 tables, which all feature automatic shufflers. The Monte Carlo poker room has been operational since 1996 in its location on Las Vegas Boulevard. This venue is devoted to poker, as shown by its three-quarters enclosed status. Only the front of the room is visible from the rest of the casino floor, with this being the main entrance for poker players.

The Monte Carlo poker room is a classically designed area laden with gambling artwork. The poker tables are felted in a variety of different colors and sit atop a polka-dot carpet. The room compensates for its dark interior design with effective lighting to prevent it from being too murky. The tables are set with 1920s-style beige leather chairs.

The cash games here tend to be hold’em- and Omaha-based, with a solid variation between no-limit hold’em, spread-limit hold’em, and limit Omaha. The limit games are notable for their unlimited maximum buy-ins. A wide range of daily tournaments are also available, although these are all no-limit hold’em events with buy-ins ranging between $40 and $100. In terms of promotions, Monte Carlo offers a number of Las Vegas favorites. These include continuous high-hand payouts (royal flushes = $300, straight flushes = $100, quads = $75)..

Regular players are rewarded with a monthly freeroll if able to amass 13 hours of play every two weeks. The usual range of poker room NFL promos is also available. Players earn comps at the rate of $1 per hour, which can be traded for services at the table such as food, cocktails, massages, and more.