I've been playing for 8 years at Edgewater, and daily at Parq since the opening.
I love the new tables, the atmosphere of the room, the management, the veterans dealers.

But now it's with heavy heart I say this : I won't play there again, unless they seriously consider doing something with the new dealers. I don't talk about the two girls who improved a lot over the last 2 month and are now fine. But the two guys, Jack and Don, I can't stand it anymore (and I'm not the only one !)

They are soooo slooow, we play only 8 to 12 hands during their 30mn rotation. It's been two month and they still are as slow as on day 1, they can't count properly a side pot and can't even read a board (sure, 34 takes the pot vs A5 on K47K3 !)

The best part is when they urge a player to act when he needs to think for a few seconds, or when like yesterday they forbid a player to raise when the guy on his left raised out of turn and forced him to call this raise instead).

Attn management : do something, and do it quickly, or you'll lose a lot of regulars.

As for me, I'm going to play at Grand Villa and River Rock

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