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tadancer favorited Binion's Casino in Las Vegas, NV

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Hotel & Casino
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$1/hour for 3/6 limit and 1/3 NLH. $3/hour for all games between Midnight and Noon. $3 Max Rake between 6PM to 2AM. Progressive Royal Flush bonus starting at $1,000 for each suit. High hand bonuses for Straight Flush ($100) and Quads ($50). Daily Hot Seat Giveaway: $100 cash drawings every other hour between 2AM - 4PM.

Rio Details

All poker lovers know The Rio in Las Vegas as the new home of the World Series of Poker. The world’s most highly anticipated tournaments come to town every summer, with the complete media circus following the mega-stakes drama. By comparison, few Vegas outsiders are so knowledgeable about The Rio’s off-season spread of games.

Throughout the year, The Rio maintains its action on roughly 14 tables in its original poker room. The Amazon Room and other WSOP venues revert to their off-season functions. The spread of cash games at The Rio is commendable. Games run daily in the standard limit hold’em, no-limit hold’em, pot-limit Omaha and split-pot game fare. Interesting additions to that list include badugi, 2-7 triple draw, A-5 triple draw and Chinese poker.

The Rio’s tournament action is also appealing and provides for players who swing by the room at any time of the day or night. This 24-hour room has five daily tournaments with solid $70 buy-ins. No matter when you visit The Rio, you earn comps on the Caesars Entertainment Total Rewards card. At regular times, these accumulate at a rate of $1 per hour. From Midnight until Noon, a boosted $3 per hour rate is available. The Rio Poker Room can be found next to the sportsbook, and ample parking is available in the nearby Carnival World Parking Lot.