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Named in honor of leading casino designer and Las Vegas businessman Steve Wynn, The Wynn Las Vegas has been a big fixture in Sin City since its official opening in 2005. The Wynn offers some competitive low- and mid-stakes cash-game action. As a 21st-century venue, the Wynn is on-point with the latest technology. Ultra-fast automatic card shufflers and The Genesis Bravo tableside management system ensure fast and efficient action and for a quick look at which games are running on the Wynn’s 25+ poker tables.

Wynn poker room patrons gain comps at $2 per hour — exchangeable for the typical array of paid features offered by casinos and resorts. The poker room sets you up for a luxury experience, with golden chandeliers spreading their light over a room draped with bright red carpets. Extravagant blocks of artwork cover the walls, alighted by high-powered, covered lamps. Meanwhile, information screens hang down from the ceiling to give updates on tournament progress and open cash game tables.

The Wynn’s poker tournament offering is spearheaded by the Wynn Classic series. This seasonal tournament runs regularly and provides players with high-stakes tournament action, with reasonable buy-ins accumulating to produce hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money. $5,000 main events often top $1,000,000 in total prize money and bring in big-name pros from all over Vegas. Special features of the Wynn Classic include ladies and seniors events. Wynn Classic event winners receive a trophy that looks like a scale model of the casino to add to their giant piles of cash.