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6seven8 wrote a review about 500 Club in Clovis, CA

My opinion has changed..

A few things have changed my opinion;

Last few times I've been in, it seemed like trickery to get a game going. Or a host would tell me "Great game!" etc and show up to a tight, short-stacked game.

The very last time I was there i walked out because they made me pay blinds twice due to a dealer mistake. I understand dealer mistakes happen but they usually send the cards back with no action behind. This time they didn't and made me pay twice. I walked out on the spot. They need to be more consistent about their rulings. There should be procedures in place for these things. The floors should all be trained on the same procedures. In my opinion, this doesnt seem to be the case.

Other than that stuff, I'd say the staff is pretty friendly. That's what they do have going for them.

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