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Jackof13 wrote a review about 500 Club in Clovis, CA

Well, it is a card room.

Been dropping in occasionally (about every fourth time I pass through Fresno) for about five years now.
Usually not a terrible experience if one is truly bored and really wanting to play. Usually a decently friendly gathering of floor staff, dealers and players. Usually alright surroundings, though they don't always know what they're doing. [I once asked if they had an Omaha game to which they responded, "Yeah. Two tables". When I got there, it was two tables of Big O. Not the same.]
Also, one time I played center stage HoldEm, and I caught one of their people base dealing on one of the hands I had already folded. When I told the man in charge, he didn't seem to understand why I was reporting it if I was no longer even in the hand, and still a bit ahead. What?!?
I don't believe that I need to say more 😎


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