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Boost930 wrote a review about Agua Caliente in Rancho Mirage, CA

Very odd room

I played a Saturday morning $150 re-buy tournament.

Things I liked:
- 16K chips to start. An extra 4K is you're there at the start time.
- Very friendly staff and management. Maybe a little overly friendly, especially with the locals, which meant 80% of the players. All on a first-name basis.
- Extremely clean and well maintained. It even smelled fresh and clean. Non-smoking throughout really made a difference.
- Free EV charging.
- Nicely laid out poker room. Smallish, but well designed and equipped.
- Cash bonuses for high hands starting at kings full. I'd never seen that for tournaments. One player hit quad 5s and received $25.

Things I didn't like:
- Some weird-@#$% rules. Single chip raise stuff, an accidental short raise is considered a call, the use of an all-in token by each player, and a few other odd things. Read and ask before you play.
- No ante of any kind
- Wildly poor players, many elderly, that make it hard to play a serious and strategic game.
- Cheap re-buy and add-on options means lots of crazy kitchen-table style play. Raise with a good hand in early position, you'll still get 3 or 4 callers, and one of them invariably hits. I busted because a player rivered a straight against my set of kings. I had shoved on the turn. It was not uncommon to have 5 or 6 players see a flop.
- Dealers did not consistently enforce the rules. One player had a lengthy phone call while at the table, and involved in not 1, but 3 straight hands. Dealer did nothing.
- It appears that the rules and structure are designed to accommodate the older players. The lovely gentleman on my right was 92. He could not see the community cards, so the dealer announced them for him. He busted and re-bought 3 times while I was there.

You'll enjoy yourself if you can manage to just roll with it. If you're easily frustrated, skip this place.

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