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TahoeScottie wrote a review about Agua Caliente in Rancho Mirage, CA

Worst tournaments in the country

As one who travels to play tournaments, I have played high end (WSOP, WPT, HPT, etc) and casino run tourneys at every level. Most will follow TDA rules, perhaps with minor vaiances. But this place is run like a game in someone's garage with no respect of the norm.
Just a few examples:
Players grab a handful of chips, reach out over the betting line, then drop how many they want to bet, taking back the rest.
Preflop, if you announce "raise" then put in an oversize chip (ex: BB is 200 and you say raise before putting in a 1k chip), you are considered as making a min raise rather than the entire chip.
Only $35 of a $75 entry goes to prize pool. And, guaranteed prize pools for $75 tournaments are $800 per 10 players. So 19 players x $75 is $1,425. There will certainly be some doing a $35 rebuy and virtually everyone does the $20 add-on. A realistic minimum of $1,935 paid by players and the prize pool is $800. One more player and it would have been $1,600. ???
Oh, get this, player raises, next player throws out chips, but not enough to cover raise then says he didn't see the raise. Do his chips stay? Nooo! He can just take them back.
These, among other reasons, are why it makes little sense to play tournaments at this beautiful resort casino. Stick to table games, slots, and the great restaurants.

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lime wrote a review about Agua Caliente in Rancho Mirage, CA

Poker Room

Overall a very clean and fun place to visit. I play primarily in the poker room and all members from the management... Read More