jarint wrote a review about Barona Casino in Lakeside, CA

Best Spot for NLH in San Diego County

I love playing at Barona. I play almost exclusively 1/2 NLH and occasionally some 1/3, as well as table games. The dealers are top notch. Most of them are very personable, know the game, are respectful, etc.- only once in a while do you get a moody dealer. I have only seen a handful of misdeals, etc (and these were caused by players not paying attention, not the dealer). Tables are nice and well kept (as compared to some spots in LA where you can see the dirt build-up on the cushioned rail). The floor is fair, might not be the fastest- but they are fair. I used to frequent Oceans 11 and refuse to play cash game there anymore due to the fact that I witnessed 5 rulings that blatantly and incorrectly were ruled in the regular's favor. The food is standard casino food- tasty. My only problem with the room is that they dont serve alcohol on the gaming floor- I am not trying to get faded, but I do enjoy drinking a beer while I play.

Overall- Best spot in San Diego for Cash Game poker.

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