amarcod88 wrote a review about Barona Casino in Lakeside, CA

OMC capital of San Diego

I've never seen a collection of OMCs all whom make regular OMCs look like LAGs. Not one creative line and don't you dare three bet them or someone may have a heart attack. It's definitely an exploitable game but they way it plays not much money is really on the table up to 1/3. Not only that, 1/3 plays like a 1/1 game. The 40NL in LA runs bigger than and I swear the pots on average are larger. Overall, if you need to train against playing against nits, this is the place. Every once in awhile a whale will stop by and you could make some good money. Just have to tell the OMC in seat 8 to stop complaining about how he doesn't respect his raises and tries to "teach" him the fine details of poker.

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jcaan wrote a review about Barona Casino in Lakeside, CA

waiting around

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