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GMKingSlayer wrote a review about Bay 101 in San Jose, CA

If you aren't a Reg expect a 1-2 hour wait

This place sucks! They can have a list of 40 people and someone who they know will walk in and they will bump you! They claim you can't phone in but I was standing there as the poker desk was answering phone calls to people they know by name and tell them that they'll write their name down and not even at the bottom, they put it in the high middle section or near the top 12-15, They have no promos or comps. They have no jackpots or high hands. The rake is ridiculous. The field is full of old dudes who take themselves way to serious and it makes the game unenjoyable. Regs complaining about the way you play your game and needling you for your style of play like they're a wsop ring winner ... even my actual wsop ring winning friends don't act like such @#$%, I'd much honestly play at The M8trix if I'm staying local because the action is great and the staff is wonderful, plus jackpots and promos. OR travel an hour to Oaks or an hour and a half to Graton and on a good day go all the way to Thunder Valley WHICH IS BY FAR THE BEST POKER ROOM IN NORCAL. If you could give a 0 I would give a 0. The competition is subpar at best. As few players are actually good they just wait for the nuts and shove it in your face so it's pretty easy to fold, just such a nit field. There are a few players who are great action and even good players even a good laugh but for the most part a bunch of a**hole nits who spend 24/7 in this casino. Just gambling addicts no real competition or community ... maybe as Doug would say I'm on the outs lol. Not part of the secret society. I'll just take my local play to M8trix where they don't do all that favoring. They will literally remember you and your name at M8trix after one visit and I've been to Bay 101 dozens of times and still no one but one chip runner knows my name. Guess I'm not enough action or a big enough tipper lol. Point is this place @#$% sucks. No Love for the players and definitely no love for the Felt. Easy 0/5 Chips.

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