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TarbenderFC wrote a review about Bay 101 in San Jose, CA

Over Raked! three blind structure

Rake the $1 on chop blinds pots, with a 7 dollar rake on the flop. There is a shuffle machine used and dealers don't cut cards, they grab and go, if the hand shuffle they might cut. Seen Consistent errors from several dealers. Multiple chips denominations. $5 chips are yellow, $100 chips are a vanilla white, $1 chips are blue, $2 chip is green and a $3 chip is turquoise color. Dealers carry their chip tray from table to table which, they drop $6 and keep a dollar in tray. No promotions that I noticed. The Floor will take a regular players side of a situation before the dealers or other players. Seen a situation of a disorderly player handle very poorly by the Floor managements, putting player in a choke hold while waiting on security. And it took quit amount of time before security arrived for a small single level Casino. Players speak poorly of the Casino across the road called Ma8trix I believe, the called it the dungeon. They both are close to Airport while waiting for a flight. Actions is Live despite the heavy rake. Didn't order any beverages or as the house calls it "Service", you can eat food at the table, didn't see any message service and tables are crowded together.

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Food and Drink

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Mvpoker wrote a review about Bay 101 in San Jose, CA

Wait times

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luk3v1 wrote a review about Bay 101 in San Jose, CA

bay 101 :(

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bbreen111 wrote a review about Bay 101 in San Jose, CA


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Ernest wrote a review about Bay 101 in San Jose, CA

Good Games

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