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photoc wrote a review about Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV

Never again

The room has a nice look to it and thats as good as it gets. CRAMPED comes to mind. Lots of shouting for seats, just loud and obnoxious. I couldn't stand it in there the moment I walked in.

Why would I ever want to play against the toughest competition in town? Big freggin deal that the pros all play there. If it weren't for these guys and all the rubber neckers in there wanting to catch a glimpse of their poker gods, this room would be a helluva lot better.

The bright spot to the room. This place has some of the best technical dealers around. As for personality...its shut up and deal style they follow the most. This is probably a management thing, but it's still apparent.

I dont get all these reviews saying this place has the hottest girls. Hardly! Orleans, Rio, Wynn, and South Coast have the best in town. The orders were right on, but hey...its one drink, its not like it's an order at McD's (which they can't even get right). Speed is never all that great here. Would be better if they had put a service bar in the back of the room for the girls.

Some of the most rude and pompus jerks work in this room that I've ever dealt with in my life. I walked in and stopped at the first desk I saw and asked if I could be put on a holdem list. NO! That's over there! Pointing over his shoulder. I finally wade through the sea of people to the holdem desk and the guy is basically rude. "What do you want?!" I ask to get a on a list. Miraculously about 5 people after me were called off before they even got my name and I was standing about 5 feet from the desk. I hate preferential treatment whether I'm recieving or it's against me in a situation like that. I also asked to be put on a table change list a little while later and they told me "there are people waiting for a seat longer than you for a table change, not going to happen". I was like...WTF??? So I racked up and left, never to return. They are way too full of themselves for the most part because..."Hey we've got 2 hour waiting lists" We dont need one more person on the list, have a nice day. They do need a computerized list BADLY!!!!

Nothing, nada, zilch, ZERO. I think they even had Nada 3! Wow a poker rate for a low low price of ONLY 129 bucks during the week. Forget that, I can stay next door or accross the street for 79 but I live here.

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