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It's a nice room in good condition. Generally high quality. But the tables are incredibly close together.

A mix. Some solid players, some whales staying at Bellagio looking to play, some people who want to play at Bellagio because it's "the nuts".

They're OK. Generally technically precise though one commented that she thinks she forgot to drop the rake. Not very high on the personality scale. Some are a bit slow.

Solid, pretty. I'm not a drinker but they came around quickly and were efficient.

Better and more welcoming than previously. They got games started and players seated fairly quickly. Still their game structure is poor 1/2 with $200 max, 1/3 PLO with 100-300 buy-in. Should get dinged somewhere and ultimately that's up to management. Only room in town where you have to post to take a hand.

Didn't ask. Assume fairly standard.

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