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localrock9 wrote a review about Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV

Revamped Room for 2011 Same Old Same Old

Dated, aging, cramped, playing here gives you a real good understanding of how a sardine feels. Think... 10 pounds of @#$% in a 5 pound bag.

Wannabee Rounders, and obvious grinders, who have all watched may to many episodes of the WPT. What they lack in skill they more than make up for in dumb luck by hitting 2 outers or gut shots on the river and convince themselves they are gods gift to poker.

Here is the sole bright spot, very proficient, but you can sense they wish they could do something about all the rooms shortcomings and are frustrated that they can't

Service was good, but due the crammed nature of the room waitresses cannot get to about half the players

Here is the biggest head scratcher in Las Vegas. How does the "premier" poker room in town allow its floor management to be the WORST in town? Space will mot permit me to elaborate on the scores of rude, inappropriate, and otherwise inexcusable things I saw one of them do in my 4 hour visit. I have never seen a "service" oriented business so lacking in even the lowest level of service to its customers. It's as if they are saying "we're the Bellagio so you have to put up with our @#$% or you can leave" Apparently there are enough players willing to reward this behavior to keep the issue from being corrected.

Average, electronically tracked, however there is a clear pattern of regulars being left in to accumulate time while away from the table,( for over an hour regularly ) while the average Joe is check out of the system before he can push his chair in.

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