If your a tournament player like myself i would consider going to the Gardens rather than this place.Ever since they put up their hotel this place has gone to crap. Aside from Penny the other Tournament personnel very unaccommodating, arrogant @#$% that dont give a rat @#$% about their players. This idiot straight lied to my face and told me they have always used the shufflers for their tournaments. I cant count how many times i have played this same tournament NEVER DID THEY USE THE SHUFFLERS. Unfortunately i had already bought in and played a few hands until i realized they were not hand shuffling. tried to get my money back and was denied because they have always used the shufflers because he claimed he approved it. WHAT A JOKE! I have traveled too many miles too many times to be straight lied to by these crooks. Go to The Gardens they treat you with respect and tournaments are run professionally, you wont be lied to and treated like your delusional or stupid and their place since the remodel is just as nice if not better

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