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winslowlee wrote a review about Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN

Canterbury Card Club

I have been to several casinos/ horse racing tracks across the country and this is certainly my favorite! My friend and I came here 3 days ago and the entire way here he talked about how nice this place was. Man, was he right.
When we approached, I was impressed by how nice the exterior of the building was. Upon entrance, we were quickly greeted and my pal signed up for a rewards card. I didn't sign up for one because every time i gamble, I'm with him and we split the winnings/ losings.
We went to play blackjack and I was greatly impressed. It says on their website that they have the friendliest dealers in the state. I definitely agree! It adds to the experience because me and my pal always go to a table that we are alone at so we can talk to each other, so it's nice when the dealers are friendly and talkative.
I can't really say too much more about this place because we were in and out because the third hand we won a lot of money on Lady Luck so decided to cash out and go home with a lot more money then we came with.
We haven't checked out the horse racing track, but that is on the agenda for our next trip in a few days! I look forward to coming back!

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djnourse wrote a review about Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN


Stiff competition here. Great training ground for Vegas. It's my go to poker room when home. I average about $30/hour... Read More