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cardcatcher wrote a review about Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN

Spread Limit 100

Minnesota Gaming Commission, Canterbury, Running Aces and all tribal casinos NEED to move fwd on higher spread limits. 2:100 can stay as a beginner table while adding 2:200, +3:300 or pot 5 bet. Canterbury also needs to give more freedoms to poker players. If there's going to be cap limits, we should allow players heads up to show a card or both. Having AA's and maxing out pre-flop vs JJ's flop comes out 9,8,7 and players calling my limit once more i want to flip over - OR if no cap bet pot+. It is only fair for me because I'm limited to cap bet. Player with JJ told me afterwards he would have folded after flop if i showed aces and not chased gut shot 10. Instead i lost nearly all my chips $1500, because of cap rules and no show hole cards. Heads up after flop showing hole cards needs to be reinstated.

"Gentleman's Game" or Fair Equitable game?

Food and Drink

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djnourse wrote a review about Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN


Stiff competition here. Great training ground for Vegas. It's my go to poker room when home. I average about $30/hour... Read More