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1 year update since last review.

Casino Niagara's new poker room on level 2 with 26 tables, always has dealers ready to open new games based on demand. I have never waited more than 15-20 min to play.

1/3 NL is very soft and is great action 7 days a week. 2/5 NL is better on weekends, but can also be real action during the week with the right players.

The session fees are so much better than a rake, and induce more action, rather than kill it, as a rake does. Elements Brantford has an $8 rake which produced a very tight game with nitty players. Casinos always make more money from a rake, so we are lucky to have a session fee.

Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment which is pro poker has a 20+ year contract for both Casino Niagara and Fallsview.

They currently are offering poker Tournaments every Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday at Casino Niagara.

They have both a WPT & new Niagara Series of Poker which run twice per year.

Casino Niagara Poker room is the only option for Poker in Southern Ontario. Seneca in States is dead, Brantford and Rama have massive rakes with little to no action.

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